Drawings, 2006-2010. Color pencil, graphite, conte, silverpoint, ink










doodlewindow1 villa2 villa urns6 urns5 urns4 urns3 urns2 urns1 urns urn2 tall_plant siena3 shutters5 shutters4 shutters3 shutters2 shutters1 sant_antimo san_galgano9 san_galgano8 san_galgano6 san_galgano5 san_galgano4 san_galgano3 san_galgano2 san_galgano1 san_galgano rosemary4 rosemary3 rosemary2 rosemary1 rosemary_silverpoint roof poppies_silverpoint planters planter2 planter plant2 pigs pig lemons2 lemons1 lemon2 lemon1 leaves2 leaves ivy gate fresco3 flowers fireplace3 fireplace1 fireplace dandelion_silverpoint cypresses2 cypresses1 cypress2 cypress1 crypt_siena4 crypt_siena3 crypt_siena2 crypt_siena1 coffeecup2 coffeecup chimney cable_st1 buildingsview7 buildingsview6 buildingsview5 buildingsview4 buildingsview3 buildingsview2 buildingsview1 buildings2 buildings bird5 bird4 bird3 bird2 bird1

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