Untitled (collage)

Untitled (collage), 2017. Mixed media on cardboard


Gold, Blue

Untitled (blue, gold), 2017. Encaustic, acrylic on wood panel

Found Painting

Reflections on Makeup, 1980. Acrylic on canvas
Reflections on Makeup, 1980. Acrylic on canvas















Recently I received a tweet in my inbox that said “hi. just bought this from a flea market in England. wondered if you were the artist? thanks.” The image was one of my paintings from 1980. Remarkably I had attached a label to the back of the canvas with name, title, medium, and date. The new owner found it in Suffolk. Kudos to him for his excellent sleuthing.

Before I moved to New York many years ago, the stewards of my work from the UK were friends or family, and some people who bought a few paintings and drawings. At least one got away. I love to imagine that my “British oeuvre” has escaped walls, basements, and attics and resides at flea markets throughout the United Kingdom. I’m intrigued by the idea that these works now live a life of their own and may be appreciated by total strangers. I hope I labeled all of them. If anyone out there finds more, please don’t hesitate to let me know.